We create and implement marketing campaigns that help clients make more money by getting more customers and keeping them for longer. 

Working as part of your team we will develop a clear plan to follow which will help make more money. The plan with be integrated, costed, actionable and measurable.

At the outset of a project, we aim to present the plan within 10 working days of a “fact find” meeting / briefing.  The outcome will be a prioritised programme of activities that can be carried out quickly and which will make a positive impact on your business. 

In our world, Marketing is not a complicated mixture of smoke and mirrors, its simply the process of communicating:

  • The right offer
  • Via the right medium
  • At the right time 
  • To the right people.

Business owners are swamped with a plethora of choices and sales messages when it comes to marketing their business:

  • Social media
  • Website
  • SEO
  • Telemarketing
  • Direct mail
  • PR
  • Posters
  • ...and many more.
New Customer Acquisition

We provide channel neutral, objective marketing direction – free from historical constraints or political baggage so that clients have a clear plan to follow that will make them more money.  Our plans will almost certainly incorporate several routes to market, but the plan will be integrated, costed, actionable and measurable.

Retaining Existing Customers

It costs up to 7 times more to win a new customer than it does to generate sales from an existing one.  That’s why Customer Retention Management is always high up on our priority list when working with clients.

The Pennine Business Partners Approach

Free Marketing Review

Steve Bradley - Marketing - Pennine Business Partners

Because our work is always tailored to fit the needs of our clients, we work best when we act as part of their team with access and influence to core business information.

This process always starts with a free initial consultation which helps us get a full understanding of your business. Unless we understand where you are now and how you have got there, it's harder for us to help the business move forward in the right direction.

Our service breaks down into 2 elements:

  • Developing the plan, which is a one off piece of work
  • Delivering the plan where we provide hands on support to implement the plan for an agreed period.

Making a Plan

Having gained a better understanding of your business, we will then move on to develop a plan that will provide a marketing template which will help provide improved customer communication, retention and acquisition.  Where relevant, this plan will include: 

  • Market overview and your positioning
  • Competitor analysis
  • Branding strategy and positioning statements  
  • Target markets with brief overview of potential routes to market
  • Catchment mapping & drive time analysis.

We aim to present an actionable plan for your business within 10 working days of the initial consultation, and it will bring together both sides of the marketing communications process – outbound (push) and inbound (pull).

The plan will highlight and prioritise marketing and business development activities that can be carried out quickly, and that will make a positive impact on the business.  PLUS, strategic steps that can be taken to build the business in the long term.

Delivering the Plan

In the delivery stage we work as part of your team to help implement, manage and measure the various marketing activities. We can work both on and off-site to project manage the process and provide hands on support where appropriate.

We find that it's best when the delivery stage is focused on defined periods of three months. This enables us and our clients to focus on implementation within a given time frame which is short enough to create an impact, long enough to measure results and for key learning to be acted upon.

There is a monthly fee for the delivery phase which is client and project dependent because it relates directly to the amount of time and input required.

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